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Pedro Duque Cornejo, Spanish Sculptor, 1678-1757

I. Introduction

The Sevillian Pedro Duque Cornejo (1678-1757) was the most important sculptor of Andalusia in the eighteenth century. As the creator of painted and gilded wooden sculptures and the designer of church furnishings such as choir stalls and altarpieces or retablos, he was true to the Spanish tradition. He was a member of the dominant circle of Sevillian sculptors consisting of the family, pupils, and followers of Pedro Roldán. His mother, Francisca Antonia Roldán, was a daughter of Pedro Roldán who was herself trained in the art of polychromy, and his father, the sculptor José Duque Cornejo, is assumed to have been a pupil of Roldán.

The purpose of this collection of reproductions of Duque Cornejo’s works is to supplement those included in my doctoral dissertation, Pedro Duque Cornejo, 1678-1757 (University of Michigan, 1975). I amassed more photographs than I was able to use in the dissertation, and as I have no need for them now I would like to make them available to others.


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